Moving is always an emotional adventure. This change can become stressful, especially when it goes hand in hand with a professional change.

Since everything changes, do it the best you can!

With the assistance of a company specialized in professional relocation, be assured of being supported in this transition to the South-East of France.

With more than 20 years experience in international rental and purchase real estate, the founder of MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING, Esmeralda Van Puijenbroek, has become an expert in supporting “newcomers” on the Côte d’Azur.
Thanks to her knowledge of the market, she and her team will make sure stay as close as possible to your requests and desires.


Our added Values


Working people no longer hesitate to pack their bags to build a professional career corresponding to their life goals picture.

As a recruiter, you are looking for the best profile for the position to be filled. Thus, it’s likely that your new recruit will come from elsewhere.

A quick e-mail from you, mentioning contact details of the person on the move and MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING will take care of supporting your new employee in his search of accommodation and the related procedures.

MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING will be the guarantee that your new recruit can start his new job efficiently, the mind carefree.


You have gone through all the stages of recruitment application successfully and you have landed the position you want. Only, the company that will welcome you is miles away from your current home. Naturally, you’re wondering how to find a new place to call home from such a distance. MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING will pay close attention to your needs and wishes and assist you in the search for your new living space.

MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING offers a package of services to support you in this life changing process. Depending on the company for which you are going to work, the support costs may be covered by the Mobili Pass device.

After an interview about your housing needs and desires, MOOV MOBILITY CONSULTING is in charge of the selecting of properties that match your search criteria and will assist you until the lease is signed and the keys in your hands.


Have you always dreamed of moving to the sunny South of France, enjoying 300 days of sunshine and not to forget La Joie de Vivre? We understand that completely and would love to assist you during this journey. Moving can be stressful; how to find the right house, deal with all the paperwork and so on – that’s why we’re here. We will assist you during the entire relocation project.

From finding your dream house in the right area, house viewings, all the paperwork that comes with it and last but not least: handing over your brand new set of keys and helping you settle in.

Feel free to reach out to discuss the possibilities.

About us

Moov Mobility Consulting was founded by Esmeralda van Puijenbroek – she has over 20 years of experience in international rental and purchase real estate and has become an expert in supporting ‘’newcomers’’ on the Côte d’Azur.

Moving to the South of France is a dream coming true for a lot of people – and let’s face it: it really is the most beautiful place on earth. But moving is always a challenge, that’s why Moov was founded. We take care of the entire relocation process for you, your family or your new employee(s).

We work for businesses that want to relocate their new employee(s) and for private clients that want to settle here. From selecting properties, house viewings and paperwork to personally handing over the keys of your new house. We will take care of it so you can enjoy a smooth and relaxed move to the sunny South of France – just how it should be!

Want to know more about the way we work, our team or the possibilities? Feel free to reach out!

Our services

Development of a real estate project that suits you, according to your needs and your resources

Set-up and deposit of the Mobili Pass file

Selection of properties for rent through our vast network of real estate actors, established in the region

Real time viewings if you are in the region

Virtual viewings if you can’t be there

Building and presenting the rental file